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2017 Board of Directors Election

The Board of Directors consists of a seven member board. Each member serves a two-year term.  You will find the current list of directors by clicking here.

A total of five members will be elected to complete the seven member board, with their term beginning May 1, 2017 and ending April 30, 2019.  Of the seven candidates, three are current directors whose term expires April 30, 2016.  Click here to view the candidates.

Board of Director Election Timeline

November 2016     

11/15               Call for Nominations Opens

January 2017

01/17               Call for Nominations Closes 12 AM 01/17/2017.

01/24               Nominating Committee presents slate of prospective candidates to the GC CUE Board of Directors.

01/31               Slate of prospective candidates will be published on the GC CUE website for two weeks prior to elections.

February 2017  

02/14              Voting Opens 12 AM 02/14/17.  The membership shall be provided with an emailed ballot (based on the information provided CUE, Inc.). This ballot will be open for                         14 days.

02/28              Voting Closes 12 AM 02/28/17. Election results will be sent to the GC CUE Board President.

March 2017

03/01               Election results announced to the membership via electronic delivery (Twitter, Facebook, Email).

May 2017         

05/16               Annual GC CUE Board of Directors meeting.  New 2017 board members to attend. Election of Officers.