Aldo Calcagno

Principal, Arroyo Elementary School, Simi Valley USD

Twitter: @AldoCalcagno


I am a life longer learner and have spent the first 32 years in our profession teaching and supporting students and teachers in the classroom setting. I personally model and advocate the use of technology in the classroom setting and in administrative uses. I am constantly exploring new technologies, strategies and applications for students and use in a learning environment.


Q: Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors or what influenced you to run for a position?

A: To be an advocate for students and teachers. Technology skills and tools will be required for all endeavors in the future.


Q: What do you believe are the most important goals and initiatives for Gold Coast CUE and what do you feel you can contribute in meeting these goals and initiatives? 

A: To work and empower students and teachers in the use of technology to expand learning opportunities and to create digital citizens.