Betsy Pegler, Principal, Sulphur Springs Community School, Sulphur Springs Union SD
Current GCCUE Director-at-Large
Twitter: @bmeyring

As a site leader of an elementary school, I collaborate with my teachers, students, and families to plan and organize the best implementation of instructional technology. My experience has shown me that trends are frequent and what's most important is to prioritize the educational needs of our students above what's "trending" and focus our energy and resources on the tools which will prepare our students for college, career, and civic readiness.

Q: Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors or what influenced you to run for a position?
A: Serving with a community of professional leaders who focus on the needs of their community of instructional technology educators.

Q: What do you believe are the most important goals and initiatives for Gold Coast CUE and what do you feel you can contribute in meeting these goals and initiatives?
A: Bringing forth the best in instructional technology resources for our community of educators and instructional leaders; making certain these resources are first-class and readily accessible.