Mike Vollmert

Chief Technology Officer, Rio School District
Twitter:  @Vollmert805

GC CUE Board President (current)

As an old guy (I've been an educator in Ventura County for 32 years), I've seen a lot, done a lot, and I'm committed to the profession and to supporting local education and educators.  But I'm still young at heart, and learning and sharing about education and educational technology continues to be a passion for me.  Involvement in CUE provides a way for me to pursue my passion, and to share ideas and support our local educators.

Q: Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors or what influenced you to run for a position?
A:  I wanted to be involved in GCCUE to assist in providing as good a resource for local educators as possible.  Working with the board (all of whom are great people) has been personally fulfilling and fun, and I'd like to continue.

Q: What do you believe are the most important goals and initiatives for Gold Coast CUE and what do you feel you can contribute in meeting these goals and initiatives? 
A:  The most important initiative that GCCUE can pursue is the support and networking for our local educators.  This can be done in a number of ways, most of which is currently underway - events such as the annual GCCUE Tech Expo and the EdCamps GCCUE supports, plus increased opportunities for informal networking, such as holding CoffeeCUE's, BrewCUE's, and similar events at various locations around the county.  Other activities, such as using Paper.li to publish information and share with our local members can provide a useful information and networking resource to our local educators.