Liz Hoppe, Tech Resource Specialist, Hueneme SD
Twitter: @hoppeteacher

Q: Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors or what influenced you to run for a position?
A: When I learned I had been nominated, I was flattered and considered what I could offer CUE. Because of my work as a tech resource teacher in the district, I have a broad perspective of the varied needs of teachers as they infuse technology in the classroom. And, I'm a pretty hard worker.

Q: What do you believe are the most important goals and initiatives for Gold Coast CUE and what do you feel you can contribute in meeting these goals and initiatives?
A: The goal of Gold Coast CUE is to actively support and promote technology integration into the 21st century classroom. Jay Greenlinger said something last year at the Fall Tech Event that resonated with me “We are CUE-- Computer Using Educators-- which really, is all educators, or it should be” and this is so true! Often, teachers get seen as “techy” or “not techy” and Gold Coast CUE is in a position to make all teachers feel included and necessary. I would like to see events planned and support/resources available to teachers of all levels of tech fluency, encouraging cross district collaboration and resource sharing, building relationships between teachers of all tech levels. I don’t want any teacher to feel CUE isn’t for them. We do this by offering more opportunities to meet all levels and welcome all teachers.