Mike Vollmert

Mike Vollmert

Retired Director of Technology, Rio School District

Current GCCUE President

Twitter: @Vollmert805

I've had the honor of serving over the past few years as President of GCCUE, and although I've retired, I've continued to be an active part of both GCCUE and the CUE organization. I would relish the opportunity to continue working on the board for GCCUE.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors or what influenced you to run for a position?

I want to make a difference, in an organization that matters to teachers.

What do you believe are the most important goals and initiatives for Gold Coast CUE and what do you feel you can contribute in meeting these goals and initiatives?

Helping Ventura County teachers get access to local, quality professional development and professional networking. In my 32 years of being an educator, it's always been my goal to bring people together to enhance how we do what we do. I want to continue to bring this spirit to GCCUE.